Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

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Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

Postby SuperPang » October 6th, 2012, 1:26 pm

Is the PSU switchable to 220V like the AV7000?
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Re: Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

Postby Paulie » October 8th, 2012, 10:46 pm

Sorry don't know for sure but I presume so. Does it have vents on the bottom as you can see the voltage clearly marked through the vents on my AV6000 if not then its only a few screws to take the case off and take a wee peek at the the innards.
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Re: Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

Postby cools » January 9th, 2013, 10:56 pm

Answer: yes.

I changed mine to 220V mains today. Relatively straightforward. Here's how it's done without having to open/close the box twice when you find out you need to link the grounds.

  1. Open up the box, unscrew the PSU, remove the PSU cover and flip the switch for 110/220 (may also be accessible without removing the PSU cover)
  2. Desolder the existing mains cable live from the power switch
  3. Unscrew the fuse holder and desolder the neutral from the washer that allows the solder to flow into a fuse contact
  4. Attempt to remove the Japanese mains cable strain relief
  5. Use ludicrous levels of force attempting to lever and remove the Japanese mains cable strain relief
  6. Pull the mains cable until it snaps outside the strain relief with your bare hands
  7. Grab a pair of pliers and squeeze the strain relief out, damaging it beyond repair and realise that you couldn't reuse it anyway due to cable thickness
  8. Find a spare UK mains cable, strip about 10cm of the sheath
  9. Insert it into the casing hole. Tie a knot in it to make a strain relief. Wrap a cable tie around the knot to keep it held together
  10. Solder the live wire to the power switch
  11. Put the fuse holder cap on the neutral wire
  12. Solder the washer to the neutral and make the fuse contact solder mound.
  13. Reinsert the fuse and screw the fuse holder together
  14. Crimp a ring or fork onto a short piece of mains gauge wire at both ends, screw one end into the COM terminal
  15. Crimp a ring or fork connector onto the earth wire and screw this and the other end of the bridge to COM you just made to the earth terminal of the PSU
  16. Reassemble everything

This has the nice benefit of earthing the supergun properly - no tingle in your fingers when handling the metal parts :roll:
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Re: Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

Postby system11 » August 9th, 2016, 11:44 pm

I've noticed the tingle problem on my Pana just now and came searching for things on the subject. Amusingly the tingle stops once you plug in the video cable because that's earthed via the TV...

I can see what's going to be happening before I use it again.
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Re: Quick Sigma AV5000 Question

Postby system11 » August 13th, 2016, 12:58 am

Ok on a Pana Twin MP-92:

1) Remove the power cable completely, desolder from fuse holder and power switch, throw away the cable grommet.
2) Remove power supply completely.
3) Take normal 3 wire mains power cable, strip back about 2 feet of insulation.
4) Fit new rubber grommet to power cable hole
5) Tie a knot in mains cable, cable tie it, as above solder live (brown) wire to power switch, blue (neutral) wire to fuse holder, cut these back to fit and leave earth wire uncut. Remember to heatshrink insulate new wires.
6) Undo screw in power supply shield at the corner, this will give you enough flex in the shielding to do the work without having to strip it entirely. The PSU is modified in 2 places, you'll see cuts along the earth track near the FG terminal and to the side. Fix the one on the side with a small piece of solid core wire (cap leg cutoff for example), solder heavy duty wire along the edge of the PCB under the terminals, from common ground track across to earth track, with enough insulation stripped to also bridge the gap in the earth track. There's not enough space to use the wire + 2x spade as above so PSU modification required.
7) Refit power supply, cut earth wire to length and fit spade connector, connect to field ground.

Only ugly bit is the knot in the mains cable, everything else looks stock + 1x green wire to the PSU.
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