Building a jamma pc for 3d games, need advice

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Building a jamma pc for 3d games, need advice

Postby jhonny_d » March 17th, 2016, 8:20 am

Hello, i'm currently in the design phase of a system to play 3d games on a jamma cab (with tri sync monitor), the goal is to emulate older system from namco, sega, capcom mixed with newer one like naomi, atomiswave and type x

So far I have a few questions:

-What's a good frontend that offers switchable tate and yoko mode? I've seen mala supports it but it runs only command line emulators

-i't a good idea to mix 15 and 31 khz systems? let's say I use the crt-emudriver for optimal 15 khz support, will the 31 khz systems look bad/not display at all?

-any limitation on the hardware and os I need to know?

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