Verifying the Heavy Metal Geomatrix version in MAME

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Verifying the Heavy Metal Geomatrix version in MAME

Postby skate323k137 » January 14th, 2016, 7:18 am

I'm looking for someone (or multiple people) with Heavy Metal Geomatrix NAOMI carts and the ability to read EPROMS.

Long story short I have a cart that is not marked as Rev A or Rev B and I'm trying to determine which version it actually is (to buy another one for cabinet linking). I have downloaded MAME roms that are labelled as both rev A and rev B, but all of the files in both zip files have identical checksums, which leads me to believe only one version is actually dumped and in MAME, and that one of the rom zip files is mislabelled.

When I dumped my own eprom (there's only one in the cart, it's inside the case) I got the same checksum as the MAME rom, but that doesn't tell me which version mine is or which version is actually in MAME. I suspect it's Rev A in both cases, but if someone has a cart (preferably one labelled Rev B) and can dump the M27C322 eprom on it, I'd be very appreciative. I don't need the actual rom dump, just the CRC / SHA1 hash.

I suspect if this game is anything like Dead or Alive 2 (which can be changed to Millennium simply by changing out the M27C322) that the EPROM should be different between the revisions.

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