[FS] Marquee Group Order (Uni/NNC/Blast, Aero, NAC, AWSD/E2/3) ***CLOSED***

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Re: Marquee Group Order (Uni/NNC/Blast, Aero, NAC, AWSD/E2/3) ***CLOSED***

Postby NERDtendo » March 19th, 2017, 9:39 pm

tzakiel wrote:Sweet man... I picked up a futari 1.5 pcb so I think I might get this marquee too next time.

You definitely should. It is real nice.
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Re: Marquee Group Order (Uni/NNC/Blast, Aero, NAC, AWSD/E2/3) ***CLOSED***

Postby Gill » March 23rd, 2017, 11:04 pm

Took a crappy picture tonight. Marquee is looking great, picture just suck. :)

http://www.gamecorner.se/2017/03/23/mar ... ade-otaku/
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By Spectre
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Re: Marquee Group Order (Uni/NNC/Blast, Aero, NAC, AWSD/E2/3) ***CLOSED***

Postby Spectre » Today, 8:09 pm

A few people are still waiting for their orders to show up. All orders were shipped by the 1st, so they really should have arrived by now. Unfortunately sometimes a few orders get held up by customs or domestic postal services. This is out of my hands and while it's frustrating, the best advice I can give is try and remain patient as while delays sometimes happen, we're yet to have an order not arrive. If anybody doesn't receive their order, I'll do my best to help make a claim against the carrier responsible.

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