Whats in your cab(s) right now?

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Re: Whats in your cab(s) right now?

Postby pubjoe » March 20th, 2017, 1:20 pm


Got the mamebox set up to autoboot to mushi. I have borrowed a PCB and played it on Steam before, but for over a week I've been playing a couple of credits a day and I'm actually getting familiar with it. I'm remembering bullet patterns and knowing my limits - when I should bomb. I love it. I appreciate the music more and more with every play, I love the intensity of level 3 and then the gorgeous audio and visuals of level 4 if I make it that far. My score's still pretty feeble but Mushi seems to be the perfect starter game.
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Re: Whats in your cab(s) right now?

Postby Moonwalker » March 20th, 2017, 2:09 pm

pubjoe wrote:
Moonwalker wrote:I went on to some Neo Geo love in my cab with Viewpoint. I am still able to get to LVL 4 without losing a life after all the time, but there the game gets nasty. Still gonna work my way through the 1CC someday :)

THERE the game gets nasty?!

Yeah, the first three levels are a beautiful cake walk. The terror starts in lvl4 :)

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